About those Dreads

written by Liselotte Wennerstrand


Why wasn’t Marc Jacobs’ answer “it’s the coolest hair style from Bob Marley to Berghain” instead of what he replied when critiqued? How I wish it would have been!

When using a style which is considered holy by many of its wearers and in its turn originates from beliefs about body and soul that have been around for thousands of years, you would expect a designer to credit his influences accordingly. Rastafarianism should of course have been stated on the inspo list. Even if his take on dreadlocks was more of a cyber punk girl, where did he think the scene got that natty hair-do from?

His replies to criticism about cultural appropriation make Jacobs appear as if he chose to sleep under a big fat eurocentric white man’s rock while the rest of the world danced into the 21st Century. Let’s hope this was all just a big blunder and that Jacobs is better in tune with his words for AW17.  Fashion is not just what you show but also what you preach.