written by Filippa Berg


Being sassy is something we value, it’s all about fresh spirit, clever confidence and bozazz! In this weekly feature we meet women who got it. Our first guest is Blue Lindeberg.

THE PINEAL POST: Hey Blue, how did you get your name? Is it from that Joni Mitchell song or is it Blue because you where born in denim dynasty?
BLUE LINDEBERG: Neither! My parents both loved the French movie Betty Blue. It’s funny because Betty Blue also has a gap like me!

TPP: What is the best thing about being a teenager?
BL: I guess that it’s  totally being allowed to be a kid and an adult. The hard part though is finding the perfect place for both.


TPP: What is your favorite outfit right now?
BL: My favorite labels are Vetements, Gucci and Miu Miu, so I always try to find things that remind me of those. I mostly wear vintage clothing.

TPP: Do you have a beauty routine? 
BL: Well I always wash my face twice a day and use a mask or a scrub at least once a week for my face. Also I’ve recently started wearing sunscreen every day and it’s been working wonders! For my hair I never use any hot tools not even a hair dryer. Just air dry and go!

TPP: And what about makeup?
BL: Mostly I’ll just use some eyebrow gel and mascara for my day to day. I’m not a fan of concealer or contouring. I think it’s best to stay natural and I know that my skin is thankful for that!

TPP: And for party time?
BL: I’ll stick to what I usually do but add a cat eye and some gloss. To me, the fresher the better.

TPP: Who in the fashion industry do you really look up to?
BL: All the designers out there who have the ability to transform the look of a traditional company into something even better.

TPP: You’re a great model! How do you feel about it?
BL: I modeled when I was younger a lot by friends asking me and so on. But I first signed with IMG about a year ago. I love modeling but I don’t think of it as my main hobby. I love to paint, draw and act.

TPP: What was it like to do a movie with Chloë Sevigny
BL: Acting is a huge passion of mine and working with one of my idols since age 9, Chloë Sevigny, taught me so many important things that I will never forget.

TPP: You and your dad seem to have a cool relationship!
BL: We’ve always had a super close relationship. We try not to fight, and hardly ever do, but at some point you always fight with your best friend. But we always seem to laugh it out after 10 minutes.

TPP: NYC is your hometown, where do you hang out?
BL: Definitely more in the SoHo area or the East Village. Each place in NYC is totally different from the next which I love. I love walking on Crosby or Lafayette St.

TPP: Where do you grab your coffee?
BL: My favorite coffee shop is called Olive’s and is right next to my school. My friends and I hang out there and sit on their red benches! Great coffee and cookies and the people there are so nice.

TPP: And your favorite take out?
BL: Definetley La Esquina on Lafayette.  It’s incredible Mexican food and their drinks are the best. My favorite is the Mexican corn on the cob and watermelon juice! Super casual and easy.

TPP: What place in NYC is extra special to you?
BL: Since I went to school uptown, my class would always go to Central Park for recess when we were small. My favorite thing was to see the seasons change from our classroom window.

Blue Lindeberg is currently involved in J. Lindeberg Bridge Series. Follow her inspiring Instagram here!

Images courtesy of J. Lindeberg, Mario Sorrenti and @bluexlindeberg.