written by Filippa Berg


Native Londoner Flo Morrissey was meant to make music. She’s been singing solo since school choir days, but left the strict institution as soon as she could to create her own soundscape, influenced by the free spirited freak folk mixtapes that she’d discovered in the family car at age 10. MySpace became her medium and her homespun Super 8 videos soon mesmerized a budding audience online. We came upon her beaming being on Instagram a couple of years ago, through mutual friend Jaclyn Hodes of awe-inspiring Awaveawake, right before her debut album Tomorrow Will Be Beautiful set to sail. Flo’s foretelling sure turned out to be true and it manifests itself in this collaborative Awaveawake fashion film, just out on Vogue.com. We called up Flo to find out more about this abundance of beauty.

THE PINEAL POST: We are so curious about the film you made with Awaveawake, tell us more!

FLO MORRISSEY: I am so excited to share this video! Jaclyn of Awaveawake is my best friend and it was such a pleasure to create with her and also my friend Maximilla who directed the video. We have worked together before and she gets ‘it’. I feel these two women are such powerful, sensitive and free spirits.

TPP: Can you please share a beautiful memory from the filming?

FM: The tea ceremony scene was such a potent beautiful memory for me, this is a practice I have engaged in this past year a little and got to explore. It really hits a chord with me so I felt privileged to be served by our friend Tracey for this project to close the ritual of the day and film.

TPP: You and Jaclyn look like sisters, how did you meet each other?

FM: Haha thank you, what a compliment! We have some mutual friends and I think I just saw her Instagram when I was 19 and fell in love with the essence of her clothes and being. I feel very lucky to have met honorary sisters these past two years who understand.

TPP: You also seem to share a similar outlook on life and style, would you like to expand on that a little?

FM: Ah I like that idea! Well I think we both want to feel through the world, rather than be pragmatic, thinking and mind based. Coming from a place of heart, having intention and tuning in to ourselves is so important.


Photos courtesy of Glassnote Records and @flomorrissey @maximilla .