written by Filippa Berg

So I went to London and saw this mind-boggling exhibition at the V&A, about the counter culture movement in the late 1960’s and the radical shift in ideas and aesthetics that came with it. The exhibition is called “You Say You Want a Revolution: Records and Rebels 1966-1970” and believe me, it was holy!

Holy as the lines in Ginsberg’s poem, when Patti Smith recites them under the full moon at a small secluded stage and there’s a crack in the fence and you manage to get in for free. Holy like a Hindu temple in North India, but with the significant difference that you don’t leave your shoes nor your phone at the door. Instead you sip Jack Daniel’s on the rocks while wearing headphones floating downstreams through music coming from sacred objects in front of you, behind the monitor glass. At least that’s what I did on the opening night. I also snapped some of stuff with my phone before it went flat. Above are the highlight’s from what I saw and below are brief captions.


  1. George Harrison’s Earth Passport, given to him by Swami Vishnu-Devananda.
  2. George Harrison’s sitar.
  3. A dress designed by Twiggy.
  4. Twiggy stockings and a sketch from Vogue.
  5. ‘Hung on You’ poster.
  6. Biba dress (left).
  7. Max Fish suit.
  8. Mick Jagger’s Ossie Clark one-piece.
  9. Party scene from Robert Fraser’s gallery.
  10. Tomorrow Never Knows original lyrics in hand writing by John Lennon.
  11. Backdrop and costumes from Beatles Sgt. Pepper cover shoot.
  12. Poster from a pretty heavy happening.
  13. Poster from a pretty smokey happening.
  14. Poster from a pretty psychedelic show.
  15. Dusty Springfield’s dress.
  16. Barbarella’s outfit.
  17. Thea Porter dress.
  18. Black Panter Party founder Huey Percy Newton’s favorite chair.
  19. Eddie Squires Lunar Rocket shirt.
  20. Moon costume and moon rock.
  21. Moon rock.
  22. Jimi Hendrix jacket and guitars.
  23. John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ jacket by Renoma.