“It was pure artistry”

written by Filippa Berg

Terry de Gunzburg is absolutely fabulous. Pardon, rather absolument fabuleux! Her French accent and bits of broken english are brilliantly beautiful. She doesn’t just master makeup, she also makes up her own words. We’re sitting in a red room lined with magical mirrors and she is showing me her latest cosmetic creations, designed for the spring and summer of 2017.  

Nowadays she’s much more interested in sourcing new raw material and the latest optical technology and to make them compatible with By Terry, her eponymous haute colour cosmetic company. But there was a time, known as the 1970’s, when she dropped out of doctor’s school to focus on painting faces for photographers such as Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin.

In 1985 she was hired by Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent to creatively direct Yves Saint Laurent Beaute, where she dreamed up Touche Eclat (the iconic click pen that fashionistas still rave about). But let’s not get stuck on one product, let’s take a look at these images instead.


TERRY DE GUNZBURG: Oh my God! I’ve forgotten about these! They look like today, so updated! But they are from 1992 and 1993, with no Photoshop. I did all of that! The makeup, the looks and the colour combinations.  And see how contemporary it looks? My God, it was so perfect! That lipstick was the very very first black red tone done for YSL, it was two years before Pulp Fiction! I remember it was a disaster, we didn’t sell any! Blue and burgundy, oh my God it’s so modern! It was good. And the lashes on the left picture, I was doing them for hours, one by one. Look at that, I was a good makeup artist!

THE PINEAL POST: Tell us about working with Lucie de la Falaise.

TDG: Yes, Lucie was the niece of Loulou [de la Falaise]. Me and Loulou were very very close. One day Lucie came to the studio with Loulou. She was 14 years old and we just thought she was so lovely! She looked like Loulou when she was a teenager. So I said: Let’s do a makeup shoot with her! Yves loved the idea. So we did a test shoot and we loved it and I suggested that we should take her as the brand ambassador. We did and loved working together. I still see her sometimes. She’s married to Marlon Richards and they’ve been at our place not long ago for dinner.

TPP: Who took these pictures?

TDG: The photographer was David Seidner. Yves was also there of course, we were like 4 or 5 people on those shoots and that was all. I think it was pure artistry and not makeup. Because we were building an image, the purpose was to show the balance of the colors, not to make a statement. Today everything is so serious and, sorry to say, so fake. But, why not?! My God where did you find these images? It was so many years ago. They are timeless and beautiful and we want that today! Oh, please send them to me, I will give you my personal email adress.