Party Prescription

written by Filippa Berg

Half way through fashion month and it’s safe to say that Alexander Wang’s party girls provided our best-loved beauty look as yet. Because it’s awesomely achievable and brings a decent dose of after dark decadence to any dull day. Let’s take a closer look at the works of Wang’s glam squad.

“Alex’s girls are always girls you want to be with at the party. Their hair has all of those nuances of hair that’s been slept in, after dancing all night. I used Redken’s Wax Blast in the hair to make it clump together”, said Guido Palau backstage before the show. The hairstylist also back-combed the hair at the roots and loosely wrapped the lengths randomly around a curling iron for an undone effect.

Makeup artist Diane Kendal followed the same party prescription, tracing Black Moon Velvet Eyeliner on the inner water lines and then along the outer rims of the eyes. The slept in look was settled by a smudge brush and completed with Audacious Mascara and a dash of gloss on the lids. The nearly naked base was composed by a blend of Luminous Moisture CreamTotal Replenishing Eye Cream and new Soft Matte Complete Concealer, all products by Nars Cosmetics.

Images courtesy of Nars Cosmetics.