written by Filippa Berg


Mastermind designer Martin Bergstrom shares mind-boggling memories from his trip to India where he created his upcoming collection for Ikea.

TPP loves India (more about our Indian love affairs later on). So imagine the curiosity when we heard that our friend, the avant garde designer and artist Martin Bergström, was heading to India on some mysterious mission? Many moons later, this top secret project has transformed into poetical everyday objects in a carbon color scheme, reflecting the new urban India. The collection is created in collaboration with students at the National Institute of Fashion Technology in New Delhi for Ikea and is soon ready to be bought and brought into our nests. But now, back to India!

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THE PINEAL POST: What is the first thing that pops up when looking back at your trip?
MB: The light, I really love the light in India! The flights always landed so early in the mornings and we were met by the sunrise and that light is so special and beautiful. I can say it was the most beautiful sunrises I’ve ever seen. Misty and bright at the same time. Then the eagles… We drove from New Delhi to the metal factory and on the way we passed the chicken market. It’s huge, like a small city. And there were thousands, probably millions of black eagles everywhere. Literally everywhere! Super weird.

TPP: Where did you go and where did you stay?
MB: We went to all the factories that produced the collection. Mostly around New Delhi and Bangalore. Like a radie of 500 km around Delhi. We stayed in the most weird and beautiful places along the way.

TPP: Please share a mind-boggling memory from the trip!
MB: We were in the countryside outside Bangalore and lived in an old Maharaja summer-cottage-hotel sort of place. It was so amazing! Thomas Klementsson, the photographer, shot all the India pictures there. We only had two hours to nail the images, then heavy rain came over us!

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TPP: What was the best thing you ate over there?
MB: I found this chick pea flour pancakes and I loved them! I was also very happy with the spices, since I really love Indian food. And eating super spicy food actually turned out being good for me, I didn’t get sick at all.

TPP: Because food can be a bit of an issue in India…
MB: Yeah, you have to eat cooked food and wash your hands and yada yada. And I also brought lots disinfectant, actually a whole bag of it! Its funny when you travel in India and everybody is talking about their stomachs. But we were lucky though.

TPP: The degree of dirtiness is on another level in India, how did you feel about it?
MB: Dirtiness always inspires me.

TPP: India is generally associated with vibrant colors, but  looking at your collection it seems like you were wearing greyscale glasses?
MB: No. There is another India also. A very modern one. You have to look a little bit further to find it though, but its there.

TPP: What piece from your IKEA collection was your first pick to decorate your own home with?
MB: I’m still waiting to get that tray table. Thats my favorite piece in the collection.

TPP: Where in India would you like to go next?
MB: Back to New Dehli!

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Photos courtesy of Ikea, @thomasklementsson and @studiomartinbergstrom.