Sweet Dreams, Soulful Sister

written by Liselotte Wennerstrand


A designer of true integrity has left us, leaving behind a legacy of independent women free to be bold, joyful and sexy.

Noone ever shouted Paris! Vive Paris! like Sonia Rykiel. Her pieces are the very definition of the effortless elegance seen in a modern Parisian lady, debonair berets and rakish scarves blowing in the breeze of the Seine. As constant as the Notre Dame you could always rely on her sleek silhouettes to impress any man or connect with any woman on-the-go. Timeless in the way she managed to create a perfect balance between the erotic and the comfortable she will be recognized as a person who never compromised the fearless fun of being female.

“I THINK WE ARE A CLUB” Sonia said to The New York Times, 1982.

When Rykiel started to produce her line of tight knits in the Sixties she opened a Pandora´s box to what fashion could be to women. She pioneered the ready-to-wear market troughout her career, showing happy and raffishly carefree women on the runways even in times when other beliefs ruled the fashion game. In staying true to her visual and social ideals she was an entity unto herself- a designer who saw women as the vivid, unruly creatures they are, founding a For-Us-By-Us club for all girls who want more from the world than being simply decorative. With designs whispering ”why choose when you can have it all” she will always be honoured as a liberator of the sassier sex. Wishing Bon Voyage to a woman who let the ”f” in fashion stand for ”fun” we look forward to seeing her daughter Nathalie carry the Rykiel torch into the future.