written by Filippa Berg

I’m not a fan of foundation and find it hard to get it right. Even though I have access to more beige bottles than I can count through my day job as a beauty editor, it’s rare that I feel comfortable enough to wear the same stuff more than twice. What I want is something that’s barely there, something that takes away the reds and leave the rest as is. Easier said than done it seems. I usually stick to trustworthy “Un cover-up concealer” by RMS worn all over my fabulous face. Most of the time it’s great, but sometimes my skin is just not in the mood and answers with patchy unevenness. It might have more to do with the state of my skin than the product, but it’s also nice to mix it up now and then, right?

Right now I’m mixing it up with PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation from Jane Iredale and it’s awesome! Super sheer and slightly matte, it provides a perfect beatnik-worthy (velvety and alive) base that is build-able . You’ve got to look real close to see that it’s make up and it looks even nicer and more natural as the day goes by. The only hatch is that it requires setting spray after application if you want it to look lovely right away. Good then that Jane’s got that covered, the organic way. Hey, hey 4/5 ok!

Photo: Beata Holmgren