written by Filippa Berg


We’ve seen every movie she’s been in, from Lucas to two rounds of new Netflix obsession Stranger Things (well it’s a series, but whatevs). We are also devoted collectors of Winona trivia. Here are a few facts we love.

She has a substantial collection of vintage Hollywood costumes, including Leslie Caron’s dress from An American in Paris, Claudette Colbert’s gown from It Happened One Night and Olivia de Havilland’s blouse from Gone with the Wind.

Audrey Hepburn used to send her hand me downs from her private wardrobe, pieces that Winona still wears on special occasions. She recently gave a pair of Audreys gloves to her friend Rookie founder Tavi Gevinson, on her 18th birthday.

Her real hair color is blonde but when she made her first major film Lucas (1986) her hair was dyed black and she was told to keep it that color and it has stayed ever since.

She always does her own hair and makeup when going to movie premiers and events. We guess she uses the Velvet Noir Mascara from Marc Jacobs Beauty. At least she does in the ad.

She has a tattoo on her left forearm. It’s a combination of the Indonesian symbol for compassion and the Tibetan symbol for enlightenment. Because she’s a buddhist and she believes in karma.

Winona doesn’t feel guilty about her infamous shoplifting incident, because she didn’t hurt anyone. And besides, it wasn’t exactly the crime of the century.

She plays guitar and has her own record company, Roustabout Studios.

She still has a cassette deck and likes to listen to old mix-tapes.

She’s always loved the Patti Smith lyric, “Jesus died for somebody’s sins but not mine.” Once she was sent home from school wearing a Patti Smith T-shirt with that line on.

She bought a house in LA because Neil Young wrote his album Harvest there and it’s one of her favorite albums. And also, the house had a lovely bathroom.



She’s San Franciscan to the bone and has an apartment on Union Street. She also has a flat in Williamsburg (where her father is from) and a smaller house in LA.

Her parents, Micheael Horowitz and Cynthia Palmer are the founders of the Fitz Hugh Ludlow Memorial Library, which boasts to be the world’s largest library of psychedelic drug literature. They also run mail-order based bookshop called Flashback books. Winona’s brother, Uri Horowitz, has a comic book shop.




Her father is a former archivist to acid guru Timothy Leary, who was Winona’s godfather. According to Winona he was a great godfather. He used to take her to baseball games and never gave her any weird drug.

But despite her background, Winona doesn’t do drugs. She says she can hardly handle a drink, because she’s so small.

Winona grew up in a commune called Rainbow – and hated it! She says she turned to books and movies as an escape. Her family lived there with seven other families without electricity or television sets. Winona was first exposed to movies when her mother screened some in the family barn.

She’s still a book worm and her favorite book is J.D. Salinger’s “The Catcher in the Rye”. She says she owns every paperback edition.

She’s good friends with Courtney Love.


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She’s also friends with her ex boyfriends, although it took a while with Johnny.

Scott Hahn, the founder of organic clothing line Loomstate is her boyfriend nowadays.

Winona Ryder doesn’t regret not having children.

While being “missing in action” Winona did a lot of work with the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

She has also written a book and it’s coming soon. It’s called Neon Green and it’s about an alien encounter in suburban Chicago.

And she has confirmed that there is a sequel coming of Beetle Juice… Need we say more?